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Steam cleaning

This is very popular way for professional cleaning at present. It cleans, disinfects and eliminates unpleasant smell from carpets, all soft furnitures, curtains etc. The power of the steam combined with the right cleaning products is big advantage for removing stains and refreshing the colors. During the cleaning process the steam generator provides powerful pressure which destroys dirt, germs and bacteria.

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Carpet Cleaning

When our technician arrive on site will examinees the fabric of the carpet. The carpet cleaner will choose a method to gain the best results of the cleaning and then will start the job. The basic procedures in carpet steam cleaning are:

  • vacuum the carpet.

  • pre-spray treatment the traffic areas with the right pH chemical for the type of dirt.

  • handy brushing the carpet.

  • the genuine part - steam cleaning with hot water extractions.

  • removing stubborn stains and marks which did not come up with the genuine cleaning using proper stain removal chemical depending on the type of the stain.

  • drying the carpet with cutting edge suction system.

  • deodorising.

We use high tech Prochem machines and chemicals. Our technicians are trained by our most experienced specialist. We are doing yearly Prochem courses for innovative and more efficient cleaning solutions. We are investing in our acknowledgment about the carpets and the cleaning methods so that is why we are different and better than our competitors.

Heavy and stubborn stains successfully removed by Go For Cleaning technician!

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Upholstery Cleaning

For this service we use the same machines as for carpet steam cleaning but with different tools and special attachments for upholstery. The fully trained cleaners will:

  • pre-test the fabric for avoiding unwanted reactions and to choose the most suitable chemicals.

  • applying the ready made solution.

  • deep soaking of the dirt with the powerful machines.

  • cleaning all accessible sides.

  • stain treatment with soft brushes

  • drying

  • deodorising

We also offer after cleaning treatment such a scotch guard. It protects from future stains and it makes the fabric easier for cleaning. It is like a smooth cover which does not allow spilled liquids to goes deep into it. Full care for your upholstery, mattresses, curtains etc.

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End of Tenancy Cleaning

For detailed information about EOT service and what does includes please see here. 

Go for Cleaning provides 48 hours guarantee within this service. It means that if you are not happy with something about the cleaning, or the property does not pass the check-out because of it within 48 hours after the job is completed, we will send back a cleaner to re-clean it. Unexceptionable!

  • 100% Satisfaction guaranteed!

  • 100% Friendly cleaners!

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Booking Cleaners

  • You can book us over the phone, email or through the website.

  • When you contact us you will get detailed information of the service you need.

  • After several questions about your needs you will be quoted. If you need more specific service we will send you a technician on site for free quote.

  • And if you are happy with the price we will organise everything for you for the most convenient time.

  • Then we will get the job done making sure you are pleased and satisfied. We will make great efforts to achieve your satisfaction.

Lovely jobly!