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Do you need to move out of home?
Bursts of cleaning comes at a frantic pace. This, besides all hassles causes you to wonder when and where from to begin cleaning the property.
Cleaning of the house is a dirty job. If you are from the average household, which has to cope with work, family and other priorities, the cleaning of the house may be something which is still procrastinate and do not have time for.
If you're busy or just do not want to once again sink into the dust, you can hire our cleaning company in Putney - Go For Cleaning LTD.
Instead of you, our professionals will:

  • wash the windows/frames;

  • wipe the dust from high cabinets, skirting boards, etc;

  • remove cobwebs, finger marks and dirt from doors, frames, light switches, sockets etc;

  • clean and polish furniture and mirrors;

  • clean and de-grease in and out all appliances/cupboards/drawers in kitchen;

  • de-scale and disinfect the whole bathroom;

  • hoover and mop all hard floors;

  • shampoo the carpets/upholstery;

  • steam clean curtains, mattresses;

With one word - everything!

Along with the labour our firm will provide all necessary cleaning materials and equipment and will guarantee the highest standards of cleaning and of course - your deposit back.
Exactly how much will cost you, depends on the services you need to be done.
Please check our competitive price list.