Things you should clean every day

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Yes, we guess you’re wondering why a cleaning company London is telling you add cleaning to your everyday chores, by telling you to clean, clean, clean. But trust us, this will only make your life easier!

Kitchen Surfaces

You use your Kitchen Surfaces, every day:

  • To make your tea in the morning.

  • To put your house keys on.

  • To leave your unopened letters there.

  • To make yourself a slice of toast on.

  • To prepare meals on them.

  • To place dishes and cutlery on them (either clean or dirty)

And for many other things. Regardless, what we aim to say is that when some areas get used so often, all day, every day, they should get the cleaning attention they deserve, every day. Wipe and disinfect your surfaces regularly! 

Kitchen Cloths

They may not look as dirty, but tea towels/cloths were deemed the most contaminated spot in your kitchen, by a USDA-Funded Study. The same goes for the small hand towels in your bathroom, as hand towels get dirtier faster, since you use them more than once per day. They should be changed regularly (every couple of days) or even every day, if you have a larger family. What do you know? The towels we dry our clean, washed hands on gather dirt very quickly! Our advice would be to keep those kitchen and bathroom cloths freshly cleaned!

Your Shower

The easiest way to rid your shower tiles of grout is regular upkeep, which is why cleaning experts recommend the tiles to be washed every day, for a short period of time, but consistently. Afterwards, the walls should be dried, so you could prevent any mildew stains from appearing.

Your Sinks

After washing our hands or dishes, we sometimes deem our sinks to be clean, since we just handled a large amount of soap/washing up liquid in them. We couldn’t be more wrong, unfortunately, as no matter how clean they look - we leave behind a lot of grime and bacteria, which sticks to the sinks’ walls. What we recommend doing is - plugging the drain, filling up the basin with hot water and adding a tiny bit of bleach to it. Then we let it sit for 5 minutes, rise and air dry afterwards. This will get rid of any unwanted grime and/or bacteria.

Dirty Dishes

Leftover sauces and crumbs overnight attract bugs and complicate your dish washing. Instead, we recommend hand-washing serving plates and utensils or tucking them away in the dishwasher as soon as you are done with them, so you don’t attract any unwanted visitors or spend more time than needed scrubbing them!

Coffee Machine

If you are like us, you like to make fresh coffee in the morning to get you through the day. Unfortunately, your coffee machine is a hot bed for bacteria and mould, and you would need to clean it daily as well! It is best to wash any removable parts of your coffee machine after every use, to prevent build-up. It is best to hand wash with warm water, and don’t forget to wipe it on the outside as coffee can get messy!


Especially your kitchen floor! If you cooked dinner, let’s face it- you probably dropped some food on the floor in the process or something has spilled perhaps. Thankfully, we have many cleaning products and equipment that make cleaning floors easy! All it takes is just a quick sweep and a wipe to keep out any unwanted bugs and to make sure no food is spread around the rest of the house!

As a conclusion keeping your home clean and tidy is essential, but if you can’t always manage it, we are here to help by offering different cleaning options to our customers. Contact us today for more information about our quality cleaning services.