How dirty is your Sofa?

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Most households have sofa, sometimes even more than one. You may have a large corner sofa, or even a small armchair, but sofas are common in most households. We believe that a sofa is one of the most amazing pieces of furniture in a house. A sofa is where you sit in the morning and have a coffee, its where you sit on your lazy day off watching films and maybe even eating snacks, its where kids jump around and play, it is where you will sit in the evening with your family, its where an unexpected guest might sleep, some people even allow pets on their sofas and these things make your sofa probably one of the dirtiest places in your house. 

Microbiologists found that a typical toilet seat has around 1,600 germs per 100 cm² and then the average family sofa has around 19,200 germs per 100 cm² that means the average sofa has around 12 times more germs than the average toilet seat. Would you let children play on a toilet seat, or sit on the toilet seat of an evening watching films and eating snacks? I don’t think many people would. Every day we will wash ourselves, we wash our clothes we often wash our bedsheets but how often do you clean your sofa? Most people don’t even think about washing their sofa unless it has stains or marks on it. For something that is used every day shouldn’t we think more often about cleaning it? Here at Go For Cleaning - Cleaning Company London, we provide Upholstery Cleaning Services, this includes your sofa! We use a hot water extraction system as a steam clean. We are able to disinfect, kill all bacteria and odour and deodorise your upholstery!

You may have even forgotten what the actual colour of your sofa is, but this is what we do and love and would love to offer you this service. Book to get your sofa cleaned today, to make your living room a cleaner and healthier place for you and your friends & family.

Professional Sofa Cleaning by Go For Cleaning LTD

Professional Sofa Cleaning by Go For Cleaning LTD