Some Of The Most Common Sofa Cleaning Mistakes That You Must Avoid

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Sofas play a very important role in any sitting space, particularly the bedroom and the living room. This is why you must take good care of them. You’ve to clean them every once in a while & dust them every day in order to maintain their look & to make sure they last longer. Listed below are some of the most common sofa cleaning mistakes that you must avoid.

Using injurious chemicals:
Avoid using injurious chemical or cleaners to clean your sofas at any cost. Ensure you read the label of the cleaner in order to avoid any sort of potential risk to your sofa and health. For your knowledge, hazardous cleaners can prompt skin rashes, breathing issues and irritation in the eyes as well. Most importantly they can discolor the true color of your upholstery in some events.

Using cleaners that may shrink fabric:
There’re infinite commercial sofa cleaners which may feature materials that may shrivel the fabric. It’s wise to be certain regarding their nonexistence from your upholstery cleaners because you surely don’t wish to harm the material. Because of the effect of these cleaners your sofa cover may look wrinkled. To steer clear of this you may try a dry shampoo instead.

Not cleaning them regularly:
This is yet another most common sofa cleaning mistake that you want to avoid. Irregular or inadequate cleaning can make your sofa look dirty and old very quickly. Dirt, dust and marks are likely to build up in this event & may be tough to extract if left for a long period of time.

Using cheap sofa cleaning services:
Periodically you have to look for professional sofa cleaning in London. But it becomes really important that you shouldn’t choose a cheap cleaning service provider as they mayn’t be employing the correct products or methods and could prompt significant damage to the material. Cheaper costs are usually associated to bad quality service and no guarantee on the cleaning work. These service providers also appoint untrained technicians who may be undependable.

If you don’t want to make these sofa cleaning mistakes you better hire a trustable sofa cleaning company in London. And whom would you trust better than Go For Cleaning. We specialize in efficient cleaning of your rugs, armchairs, sofas, stools, chairs, curtains, mattresses, cushions, and other upholstered materials. To enjoy our comprehensive upholstery cleaning services, call us on 020 846 08 928.

5 Useful Tips to Clean Your Leather Upholstery

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You might have spent more hours narrowing down the leather sofa options for a long time and managed to buy it within your budget. Getting it delivered in your home and moving it into your living room space was a bit nightmare; but was well worth at the end.

But now you’ve using the leather sofa, you certainly realise that it’s not looking beautiful as it’s used to earlier. You find the crumbs and odd stains in the leather, which give a negative impact on the entire look of your living room.

However, one of the easiest furniture pieces that get dirty is your sofa. There is something very attractive about eating on the sofa that leads to stains. Because of those stains, most homeowners really need suggestions and tips on upholstery cleaning in London.

However, stains are hard to get rid of and are common to find when you do cleaning of them. When you get a stain on your sofa, it’s best to treat it as soon as possible. The sooner you take actions to get rid of the stains, the easier it will be to get out of your favourite furniture. When you see a stain, check whether you can take off the cushion covers.

Again, you might be thinking you’ve had the sofa for only a year and can’t just throw it out to buy a new one. Even, it won’t be good to hide the stain marks under a throw and a mountain of cushions. So what will do for your sofa cleaning in London?

Instead of getting despaired, you just follow a few useful upholstery cleaning tips and your leather sofa will look good like new within no time. Here are a few tips you should consider for cleaning your leather sofa:

1. Start vacuuming the crumbs with a narrow hose attachment as it will help you reach those hard to reach corners effectively.

2. Take a damp cloth and gentle moisturising soap to bring it to a light lather.

3. Rub the stained areas using the damp cloth without making the leather too wet.

4. Wipe up the lather with another fresh damp cloth. Again you should avoid getting the leather too wet; otherwise it will leave water stains once it’s dry.

5. Take a dry towel to polish the leather.

Final Consideration –
Obviously, you can always rely on professional cleaners in London at Go For Cleaning to do the sofa cleaning for you. We provide fully trained and experienced cleaners, know-how to use state of the art upholstery cleaning equipment to bring out the sparkle and glitter in your leather sofa.

Henceforth, don’t give up on your and give Go For Cleaning a call for upholstery cleaning in London. Our professional cleaners in London are available to brighten up your living room by cleaning up your favourite sofa in the best way as possible. For more information, please visit our website at

FAQ’s That Help you Decide a Reliable Carpet Cleaning Company in London

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As a homeowner, one must ensure that they get the most out of the carpet cleaning investments. You can ask anything you want from general questions about the process of carpet cleaning projects in your home. There are specific questions whose answers come in handy for all homeowners working with professional crews. Few of them are as follows!

Usually, the question may arise, how often should you invest in professional carpet cleaning? We recommend it should be at least twice a year. We know when your carpet needs some professional care. The best trick is observing the sign that is the accumulation of dirt and grimes that past your vacuum’s ability to clean. You also find messes on a large scale after messy parties. You might need to get rid of such issues by calling our carpet cleaning in London that comes to your support at any time.

Is the carpet cleaning in London charge a fixed price for carpet cleaning? We charge a fixed rate for our carpet cleaning services in London. Obviously, it depends on carpet size or some time the size of the room if needed. Numerous factors determine the cost of the services that you will be receiving. We have more experience and have access to high-quality equipment that tends to get any job in an inexpensive way than regular companies. We promise you o get the best carpet cleaning job worth of your investment.

You must wish to know which form of carpet cleaning is best for your carpets. Is there any difference between wet cleaning and steam cleaning of carpets? These two methods of carpet cleaning are not the same thing. We use water in the steam form to remove stains, grease and other types of dirt on the carpet. We also use the wet cleaning procedure where we use our unique water extraction technique to clean the carpets. Here, the carpet fibers are saturated with warm soapy water and scrubbed by the machine before having the dirty water suctioned and the fibers rinsed. Both methods are proved to be useful to offer you an excellent result.

Do you feel you have an allergic reaction to your carpets? The allergic reactions are possible if you did not clean your carpets at regular interval. It could also happen due to the use of harsh cleaning chemicals with allergy-inducing fumes or improper cleaning with a DIY approach. In such a situation, we use our hypoallergenic compounds that not only keep your allergy away but also caring the carpet fabric particles at its best.

You must want to know, how long you wait after wet cleaning. We have the best answer to this question. The waiting time is determined by many things including the cleaning method used and the type of carpet fabric. Of course the water-based cleaning techniques; need much more time than dry cleaning methods. However, we recommend clients to wait for a few hours before they can move stuff back into the room and make the regular use of your carpets again.

Clients want to know whether they will get a 100% guarantee for removal of permanent stains with professional carpet cleaning. It is indispensable to understand that not all stains are easily removed by carpet cleaning techniques and detergents used today. In fact, it is a tough task that involves specialized care. No carpet cleaners will give a 100% guarantee so far as the stain cleaning is concerned! However, our crew will be able to remove even a small carpet stain from its root without damaging the carpet fibers and color. The best way to deal with these is having them cleaned up as soon as possible. It will give even better result if cleaned before the pigments settle in the fabric fibers.

There is no denying the fact that asking questions will help you. At Go For Cleaning, we are ready to provide every information you wish to know and help you find the appropriate carpet cleaning service you deserve.

How Do You Clean Your Home Perfectly?

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With all the other household chores you want to finish plus taking care of your kids and office work, cleaning the house as quickly and efficient as possible is really hard. This is the reason why some homeowners consider hiring a professional cleaning company in London to have their home neat and organised. So, how do you clean your home efficiently?

1. Prepare a cleaning schedule.
Most cleaning services in London schedule their cleaning tasks to make sure their client’s needs are catered in a timely way. Like a professional, it’s wise to follow a weekly cleaning schedule so that it won’t be that much hard to get rid of grime and dirt that may be accumulated over the years.

Make sure that you are well prepared to finish all your cleaning tasks perfectly without quitting in the half way. A pro doesn’t leave you in the half way! This is where professional cleaners in London can help you out.

2. Wear comfy cleaning fabrics.
To finish your cleaning tasks successfully, it would be better to wear comfy cleaning fabrics while cleaning up home. You can buy shoes and kneepads that are best suited for cleaning. Gloves, cleaning apron and goggles are necessary as they can give you enough protection while using chemicals.

3. Invest in right tools.
You won’t find a professional cleaner using poor quality tools and products. Most professional cleaning services in London use durable, powerful and completely safe tools. If you need outstanding cleaning results, you should buy right tools that are convenient to use and made to last long. So cleaning your home on a weekly basis would only take a few hours and not the entire day. Though these tools are expensive, you can rely on a reliable cleaning company in London to help you out.

4. Pick up litter before cleaning up.
Prior to cleaning up your home, start clearing off the area by picking up the clutter. It would make house cleaning quick and out of distraction. You won’t like to pick up misplaced papers, toys and other stuffs while sweeping the floor. It would be best to pick up all the mess and put them in the right place before cleaning up.

5. Collect all your tools before cleaning.
Collecting all of your cleaning tools before you start cleaning your home is a great practice. Having all the products and tools you will use, you would make your cleaning quick and less stressful.

After all, you won’t want to keep on finding the specific materials you need while you’re in middle of cleaning your home, especially if the tools you need are in your basement. It would save you enough time and give you ample time to relax yourself as well as do other important things.

Final Consideration –
If you want to clean your home thoroughly and efficiently, be sure to contact your cleaning company in London like Go For Cleaning. Our cleaning services in London will help you make your home a refreshing and tidy place to live in. For more information about our professional cleaners in London, please visit our website at

5 Useful Tips for End of Tenancy Cleaning in London

Moving out of your home can be one of the most stressful experiences. Even, getting back your deposit can add to that stress. It can be tricky. However, you can consider hiring end of tenancy cleaning in London to help you out.

Here are some of the tips for the end of tenancy cleaning to improve your chances of getting your deposit back:

1. Understand the expectations.

Make sure you go through your end of tenancy agreement mindfully as it will help you know the flat condition needed for the full return of your deposit. Some contracts may stipulate that a professional move out cleaning in London is required. But your landlord can’t enforce that as long as your clean is up to scratch.

2. Handle the kitchen.

The kitchen can be one of the toughest rooms to clean up. So it’s perfect to start from there when you are still fresh. You’ll find it easy to work in a room that is as empty as possible. To begin the process by removing all the dishes and cleaning of stored food from shelves and cooktop.

• Clean all surfaces including the fridge, cupboards and drawers.
• Soak the fridge shelves in soapy water and defrost the refrigerator and freezer.
• Wipe the dishwasher and washing machine.
• Clean the microwave, oven and hobby reading the manufacturer’s guide.
• Remove any lime scale build-up on tiles and taps with vinegar.

3. Polish the bathroom.

• Scrub the bath, sink, mirrors, shower, floor and tiles thoroughly.
• Keep your eyes open on any limescale buildup or mould that may be around taps and grouting.
• Check the plug holes and drains and use a drain cleaner.
• Dispose of any old shampoo or shower gel bottles and clean the inside of the cabinet.

4. Try to go deep inside.

Clean up the nooks and crannies inside the living rooms and bedrooms to get back your deposit.

• Make sure to clean behind and underneath furniture.
• Wipe down the insides of cupboards.
• Clean light fittings, curtain rails and shades.
• Polish the inside of windows.
• Wipe down skirting and polish handles or door knobs.

5. Check thoroughly.

It’s worthwhile for setting aside a full weekend to check whether you've missed a detail or two that lets you down. When you have done with cleaning, leave the property for a while, come back and start checking through fresh eyes.

Keep a cloth handy so that you can wipe down any dust and finger marks thoroughly. Check fittings and fixtures or door knobs, if necessary. Make sure that all the stains have been cleared and disposed of.

Bottom Line –
When it comes to the end of tenancy cleaning in London, it’s highly recommended that you should always go with a professional cleaning company, i.e. Go For Cleaning. We have the experience and expertise in move out cleaning in London by going above and beyond client’s expectations. For immediate help, please contact us as soon as possible and let’s get started!