Scotchgard after Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Service

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Here at Go For Cleaning we provide a wide range of cleaning services for our customers, from End Of Tenancy Cleaning London to Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning. We love what we do and take great pride in all the different cleaning services we do. As a company and team that has over 10 years’ experience we have come across many incidents where people want to remove marks and stains. This is inevitable that you will at some point get marks or stains on your sofa or carpet, many people try and clean it themselves which sometimes can make it worse, so why not protect it now before it even gets to this stage! Scotchgard protects your Upholstery and Carpet fabrics from permanent damage, it lasts for 6 months and makes it easier to clean and remove any unwanted marks and stains.

I guess you’re wondering how. Well Scotchgard repels liquids and blocks stains, it is a very strong protection and pushes spills away from fabric fibres, so stains release easily. I know you are properly thinking that this changes the feel of your fabrics but in fact it does not change the look, feel or breathability of any of your fabrics, this includes any of your upholstery items and carpets. Scotchgard is totally safe to use on dry clean only fabrics too such as silks and wools. If you protect it now, there is a bigger and better chance that you can achieve a better outcome of the cleans that we provide for you. We provide this service as we believe it is a good investment service for yourself and it also makes the cleans for ourselves much easier, which allows us to leave our customers with a smile on their face.

The best time to apply Scotchgard is just after a professional clean is performed and to be done by specialist like one of ours. We also start prices from as low as £5 so call us today on 020 8460 8928 to receive quotes on carpet and upholstery cleaning services! What is the harm in asking about Scotchgard and how much extra it will be on your service, as we believe you will not be disappointed.

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