After Builders Cleaning Services Putney

It is more than obvious that professional cleaning is required after the builders. No matter whether you are doing a refurbishment of the house, upgrade the fireplace in the living room, replace the bathroom sink or even painting in the kitchen, after all there will be always dirt. Everything you have renovate is new, but immersed in tons of dust. There is dust even in the most remote corner of your home. Wondering what to do with all this dirt?

cleaning after dusty builders.jpeg

Just contact our team of cleaners and we will assist and prepare a full detailed individual offer tailored to your wishes to get your place clean and neat. We at Go For Cleaning - Cleaning Company London pay attention to smallest details. Our assistants have personal approach to each client. They would explain step by step what it takes to place an order for the selected service. Our goal is to eliminate any dust, dirt and particles accumulated over the time during the building works. We will clean all cupboards, wardrobes, chest of drawers, chandeliers, windows and window frames, floors etc. We will be pleased to clean your house or object and transform it to be suitable for use. Be assured that our cleaners attend every property with peace of mind and approach each detail very attentive.

After Builders Cleaning includes:

  • washing the windows and window frames of the construction dust that sticks to them and polishing;

  • cleaning skirting boards, wardrobes, chest of drawers, light bulbs, doors, pictures, built-in furniture and accessories;

  • vacuuming and mopping all floors and furniture;

  • disinfecting all areas;

To complete the clean to perfection, our experts are able to steam clean efficiently all of your soft flooring(carpets and rugs), upholstery, curtains, mattresses. All that on a discounted prices. We are using professional equipment and products, because we well know that is obligatory to achieve a high level of quality. Our customers in Putney & London already know that Go For Cleaning LTD deliver quality.